The Importance of Google My Business for Local SEO

home office with computer screen showing Google search engine results page.

There’s a lot of competition to reach the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), so every optimization technique you can use can only benefit you as long as you use the tool correctly. Google My Business is a free tool that helps you manage your online presence. You can improve local SEO and appear higher on Google’s SERPs. This free tool helps you turn people who find you on Google Maps and Search into new customers.

What is Google My Business?

With Google My Business, you can easily personalize your business listing and give a good first impression to potential customers. It allows you to put your business’s information, photos, logos, and attributes in one place, making it easy for potential customers to click.

The Benefits of a Google My Business Profile

The biggest benefit of using a Google My Business profile is that it is interactive, which means that you are more likely to keep people on your profile. Some of the things you can do with your Google My Business profile include:

  • Promote special events.
  • Post special offers.
  • Update your customers.
  • Respond to public reviews.
  • Direct messaging with your customers.
  • Answer frequently asked questions (FAQ).
  • Highlight products and / or services.
  • Allow people to make reservations.
  • Showcase a menu.
  • Allow people to schedule pick-up and delivery.
  • List your products.

Creating a Google My Business Profile for Local SEO

Creating a Google My Business profile is easy. Navigate to Google My Business and click on “Manage Now.” Enter your business name, and then follow the prompts to enter the type of business you are in and your geographical information.

You can put yourself on the map, but you will need to verify your business address. Once you’re through with the basic information, you can start setting up your profile with your business’s information, including photos.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile

For your Google My Business profile to be effective, you must optimize it. Once you claim your business profile:

  • Complete all sections.
  • Include all contact information.
  • Select accurate primary and secondary categories, as this will help search engines find you.
  • Choose any applicable attributes.
  • Write a search engine-optimized business description, including your business name and high-ranking keywords.
  • Publish at least one Google post every week.
  • Upload new photos every week.
  • Check your profile frequently and answer all questions.
  • Ask people to leave reviews.
  • Respond to reviews.
  • Add your products and / or services.
  • Set up messaging for potential customers. By responding promptly, you may convert a lead that otherwise would have looked for a similar business.

Your Online Presence: Measuring Your Google My Business Profile’s Success

You can measure your Google My Business profile’s success by seeing an increase in phone call volume and click-to-call rates, seeing where your page falls on SERPs, noticing an increase in traffic to your website and online customer reviews, the number of photo views, and comparing discovery versus direct searches.

Request a quote to set up your Google My Business profile with search engine optimization and to monitor your profile for success.